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First Reliance FCU offers the Second-Chance program to allow members who may have had problems handling checking accounts in the past, the ability to establish a checking account on a probationary status.

  • $100.00 will be deposited in a separate savings account.  This $100.00 will be on hold until the account is converted to a regular share draft account, at which time the $100.00 will be released and deposited into the member’s account.
  • There will be a 6-month probation period: no overdrafts, no returned items, or other improper transactions.  The 6-month probation period resets any time the account is overdrawn.  If the credit union determines the account is not being handled properly, the credit union may close the account at any time.
  • Member is eligible for an ATM card.
  • $5.00 monthly fee while in the Second-Chance Program
  • No dividends
  • Once the probation period is over, the account will be converted to a regular share draft account, and the member may apply for a Debit Card.

Please see our Fee Statement for any applicable fees, or contact us for more information about our checking accounts


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